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We have provided details below on the cookies we use and why we use them.

Google Analytics Cookies

These cookies are used by our Google Analytics tool to help us see how people are using our website. It helps us find out how many people view each page and how they found our site, we do not see anything personally identifiable to you and can't see who you are, how much you earn or what colour socks you're wearing. We just get average information such as "150 people from London viewed the site today".

Platform Cookies

Our site is built on a platform called Microsoft ASP.NET and it uses cookies for various tasks. No personally identifiable information is stored in these cookies either. If we don't use these the site won't work properly - simple really.

• ASP.NET_SessionId

Third-Party cookies (out of our control cookies)

We use social features from:
• Facebook (Like) - www.Facebook.com
• Twitter (tweet) - Twitter (api.tweetmeme.com)
• Google
• Plus One - plusone.google.com
• Lead Tracking - googleleads.g.doubleclick.net
• YouTube Embedded Videos - YouTube.com
• Microsoft ads tracking - atdmt.com

If you are still concerned with using Cookies during your Internet browsing then you can disable them, please remember you will not get the full benefit of the site with these disabled. This can be done through your browser settings.