Health Education Road-shows, Schools Programme Background

There are a number of areas within the West Midlands region that are coronary heart disease black spots. Statistics show that far too many of the adult population in the region are overweight; a good percentage of those are now classed as obese. Younger generations are increasingly at risk, the British Heart Foundation states a quarter of children watch four hours of television a day and only one third of schools offer two hours a week of physical activity. Coronary heart disease is now three times higher among unskilled men than among professionals and the gap has widened sharply in the last 20 years.

How does it work?

The health education road-shows will be delivered by the Birmingham A’s during the 2014 – 2015 academic year, visiting over 100 primary and secondary schools in the region. Many of the schools we will be delivering in are representative of the most deprived wards in the region. During the course of the programme over 10,000 school age children will be treated to an afternoon of interactive health education with the larger than life role models from the club.

The programme has specific aims and objectives linked to the needs of our partners. The key to the programme is in the utilisation of The City North Activators to push forward a primary message of physical activity and eating healthily to stay alive.

We utilise sport for social change educating, training and employing local people.  Basketball is promoted as an easy way to keep fit and enjoy yourself. The initial work of the players then feeds into the work of the District club’s Saturday morning Basketball Development Centres that will operate within every District in the region – giving children extended opportunities to play basketball outside of the school environment. The 2014 – 2015 academic year programme will be marketed West Midlands wide and delivered to over 100 primary schools across councils of the West Midlands Region Birmingham, Walsall, Sandwell, Wolverhampton, Tamworth and Solihull, involving over 10,000 children in North Birmingham alone!

The Programme Aims: To provide a healthy living programme with professional sporting role models, using basketball as an activity to convey a range of positive health messages to 10,000 children and young people in North Birmingham primary & Secondary schools, including the importance of keeping physically active and eating healthily.

The Health education road-show Objectives: To encourage children and young people to look at how their lifestyle choices affect their health in both the long and short term. To promote and discuss the following healthy living issues:1) Nutrition 2) Smoking Cessation 3) The importance of keeping fit and its link to a healthy heart 4) Introduction to basketball as a healthy sporting activity. To promote sport, and in particular basketball, as a diversionary activity. To encourage young people to become physically active.

Programme Stage 1: The health education road-show incorporates four themed sessions delivered by Birmingham A’s players. The afternoon of fun educational activity focuses on healthy eating, no smoking, fitness and learning to play basketball. Healthy Eating: The aim of the station is to discuss the different food groups based around a balanced diet, highlighting the correct number of portions to consume daily. The stations finish with a game with the children placing food items in to the correct groups using a giant food map. Smoking Cessation: The aim of the station is to deliver information to the children with facts on the number of people and children smoking in the United Kingdom and the percentage that would like to stop. The players then lead a group discussion on reasons not to smoke. Fitness & Exercise: The aim of the station is to talk about the heart and what function it has within the body.  The players then discuss with the children the importance of exercise and the children are encouraged to suggest ways this can be done. The sessions end with a fun fitness basketball related activity.

City North Sports Clubs

An introduction to one of 10 sports club or 17 total sports available. The children are introduced to a sport or sports of their choice. They are provided with taster sessions, competitive games that are focused on increasing participation. For more information contact our offices on 0121 678 8844